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Vermillion, SD 57069

Builder: Thomas Dieffenbach, 1808
Manuals: 1
Ranks: 6
Stops: 6
Action: Mechanical key/slider chests

Notes: Notes: From a Zion Lutheran Church and Reformed Church near Orwigsburg, PA. Rebuilt in 1884 by Thomas Dieffenbach. Purchased May 1990 from Thomas S. Eader estate. Returned to original 6-stop condition. 2 manual stops and pedal stop from a 1884 rebuild removed. The organ has a typical Dieffenbach stoplist, written in the unusual order in which the six ranks of pipes stand on the wind chest, from front to back. Additional information from Tim Handle in 2012. Organ Historical Society as of 2013.

Principal 4' (bass and tenor pipes in façade)
Quint 3' (bass pipes in façade)
Salicet 4'
Gedackt 8' (wood pipes)
Floete 4' (open wood pipes)
Octave 2'