Trinity Lutheran Church

816 East Clark Street
Vermillion, SD 57069

Builder: John Gale Marklove, circa 1870.
Modified by Gene Doutt in 1961
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 15
Compass: 58/27
Action: Mechanical key/slider chest

Notes: Pipes listed below as "old" are from an unidentified tubular-pneumatic organ that also furnished the Subbass chest and 2 small manual chests which were used for the other Pedal ranks using the bass notes only and leaving two stops unused on either chest. Organ Historical Society as of 2012. Additional information from Ron Yeater in 2012.

8' Stopped Diapason (Marklove)
8' Dulciana TC (Marklove)
4' Principal (Marklove)
2.2/3' Nazard (old lead Harmonic Flute cut to dead length)
2' Octave (old pipes/unknown)
1.1/3' Quinte (Marklove)
(1 unused slider)

8' Gedeckt (Moller Nason Flute)
4' Rohrflote (Marklove)
2' Principal (Marklove)
8' Rohr Schalmei (Moller)
(1 unused slider)

16' Subbass (old pipes/unknown)
8' Principal (old pipes/unknown)
4' Rohrflote (old pipes/unknown)
16' Fagott (Moller pipes)
8' Trumpet (old pipes/unknown)