Holy Family Roman Catholic Church

222 North Kimball Street
Mitchell, SD 57301

Builder: Estey Organ Co., Op. 586, 1908.
Manuals: 2
Ranks: Unknown
Action: Unknown

Notes: Notes from Randell Franlyn Busby, from the Parish Council online minutes of December 2016: the Estey console was removed "years ago," but the case and pipework are still their original location and discussions relative to renovating/re-building the organ (due in part to the failure of the electronic substitute currently in place) are underway. Allen Moe (conversations with Peggy Bartunek, the Rodgers Organ Co. rep. in Dakotas).
A new 3 manual Rodgers organ has been installed. It is NOT connected (to the Estey) at this time.

Additional notes from James R. Stettner from Boston Organ Club newsletter and Organ Historical Society as of 2007.