David M. Schnute Residence

Hot Springs, SD 57747

Builder: J.F. Nordlie, Op. 37, 1996.
Manuals: 1
Ranks: 4
Stops: 7
Action: Mechanical/slider chests

Notes: The original builder of this instrument was Richard Schneider in 1991 from a kit ("TrackerOrgel" kit using only pipes and manual keys). New action by Schneider. Temperament: Francesco Vallotti (1730). Wind Pressure: 58mm. Pipework: Jacques Stinkens of Zeist, Holland. Organ Historical Society as of 2004. Photo by David Schnute, 1996

8' Gedackt Bass (c1-b24) & Treble (c25 - f54, spotted metal & zinc)
4' Prestant Bass (c1-b24) & Treble (c25 - f54, 70% tin)
2.2/3' Nazard Treble (c25 - f54, spotted metal)
2' Gemshorn Bass (c1-b24) & Treble (c25 - f54) [Spotted Metal]

Tracker action w/pedal pulldown