Trinity Luthern Church (ELCA)

1104 Roberts Avenue Northeast
Cooperstown, ND 58425

Builder: Eugene Doutt, 1963.
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 14

Notes: The original pipe organ in the old Trinity Lutheran Church was a Hinners of eight ranks and was donated by John D. Rockfeller and H. P. Hammer on January 14, 1915. In 1957, the old church was demolished, and the organ console and pipes were purchased by Mr. S. J. Quam for $75. An organ was installed in the new Trinity Church by A. Eugene Doutt in 1963. Mr. Quam donated the eight ranks of pipes from the original pipe organ and six new ranks were added to make a 14-rank organ. There were then a total of 890 pipes in the specially prepared chamber behind the altar. The dedication of the organ was given by Mandus Egge on October 30, 1965. The Benevolence budget increased, and we celebrated an organ mortgage-burning ceremony. Membership numbers were nearing 1,000. A bold move was made to become a one-point parish. Another project became a reality. A long-term dream of a pipe organ was realized.
Eugene Doutt, an organ builder was hired in 1963, and he installed a combination of the old pipes from the old church, and new ones were added as well. The number of pipes almost equaled our membership. Magnificent!
--Notes from the congregation's 125th anniversary publication. In 2005 a Rodgers digital instrument was installed and pipes were removed.