Norwegian Church (now Trinity Lutheran) (ELCA)

297 State Highway 55 (country church in Grant County)
Wendell, MN 56590

Builder: M.P. Möller Organ Co., Op. 310, 1900.
Manuals: 1
Ranks: Unknown
Stops: 10
Action: Unknown

Notes: Factory records and Organ Historical Society as of 2012.

The present church was dedicated in July, 1910. The Stony Brook Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church merged with United Lutheran Church of Wendell, MN in 1922. It is not known if the previous Moller organ (from early 1900s) was retained or moved to the new 1910 building. It is assumed the organ resided in the original "Stony Brook Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran" building.

A new name was selected at that time, Trinity Lutheran Church

In 1944, lightning struck the steeple, quick action from the neighbors and fire department prevented the fire from burning beyond the base of the steeple.

In the Fall of 1955, stained glass windows, with new frames, were installed. In 1979, the church board decided to protect the windows from damage by installing storm windows.