Saint Catherine's College (now University)

(now on Randolph Avenue at Cleveland)
Saint Paul, MN 55116

Builder: Hall Organ Co., (prior to 1929).
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 20
Action: Electro-pneumatic

Notes: Factory records published in 1929. Organ Historical Society as of 2009.

This instrument may have been in a different (earlier) location. The convent was originally located in downtown St. Paul (Cedar at Exchange) and later served as a music conservatory, for many years, after the convent sisters founded St. Catherine's on Randolph and moved to this new location. The original convent building is now a boutique hotel. The original chapel is now the "breakfast" room.

The organ was located in Jeanne d'Arc Auditorium and rarely used. The console was rebuilt/replaced by Tellers. The lowest octave of the 16' Open Wood was located on stage rights, with the rest of the organ at the gallery level in two chambers either side of the proscenium.
-- Stephen Rosenberg, 12/2021