Saint Agnes's Roman Catholic Church

548 Lafond Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55103

(See separate entry for small portativ Flentrop instrument.)
Builder: Wicks Organ Co., Op. 3722, 1957.
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 18
Action: Wicks Direct Electric (c)

Notes: The history of St. Agnes Parish, written by Msgr. Richard J. Schuler, tells how he went to the Wicks factory with the then pastor, Msgr. Alphonse J. Schladweiler, and bought this organ for St. Agnes. Fr. Schuler was on the faculty at the University of St. Thomas at the time.

The organ was installed in the Church of St. Agnes in the fall of 1957 in the rear balcony, and Fr. Schuler himself played the dedicatory recital on Sunday afternoon, December 15, 1957.

The organ had been a display organ, set up in a hotel at the National Ago Convention in New York, probably in 1956, and the Wicks factory had brought it back to the factory and advertised it for sale.

Msgr. Schuler became the pastor of St Agnes on August 26, 1969, and served a very distinguished tenure. Under Msgr. Schuler’s leadership, the parish sacred music program, along with the Twin Cities Catholic Chorale, which he founded in 1955, has carried the reputation of Saint Agnes as a center of liturgical music to all parts of the country. The Sunday Masses at Saint Agnes, sung in Latin and enhanced with the orchestral repertory of the Viennese School of composers, have become widely known, especially through broadcasts over national public radio stations and recordings.

Organ Historical Society as of 2009.

8 Principal
8 Gedeckt
8 Gemshorn
8 Dulciana
4 Prestant
4 Flute
4 Gemshorn
2.2/3 Twelfth
2.2/3 Gemshorn
2 Fifteenth
2 Gemshorn
1.3/5 Gemshorn
1.1/3 Nineteenth
1 Mixture IV
8 Clarinet

16 Quintaton
8 Stopped Flute
8 Salicional
8 Voix Céleste
4 Principal
4 Flauto Traverso
4 Violina
2.2/3 Nazard
2 Harmonic Piccolo
2 Mixture II
8 Oboe
8 Trompette
4 Clarion

16 Bourdon
16 Quintaton
8 Principal
8 Flute
8 Gedeckt
8 Gemshorn
5.1/3 Quint
4 Gedeckt
16 Trombone
8 Trombone