St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church

920 Holley Ave
St Paul Park, MN 55071
Builder: Eric A Fiss (ca 1969)
Manuals: 1
Stops: 6
Ranks: ca 14
Action: Mechanical

Notes: Standing on stilts to the left of the altar, the keydesk under the wind chest is at floor level, with both key and stop action visible. Pull-down pedal. Built in Germany for Fiss by Laukhuff.

Though small, the organ has a few unique stops. There is a mounted 5-rank Cornet and the mixture is large at 5 ranks in the treble. The 8' Gedeckt with a copper bass is harmonic from middle C, which can be seen in the lower picture. (Stopped pipes overblow at the 12th, not the octave. To get a stopped pipe to play middle C as a harmonic the pipe must nominally be as long as G in the bottom octave. There is virtually no difference in tone from a normal length pipe!) Keyboard is split, bass and treble.

I tuned this organ once in the 1970's. Stoplist below is from photos provided by Kenneth Yost, 2019.
-- David Engen

8' Schweizergedackt (harmonic)
4' Spillpfeife
8' Kornet V
2' Principal
1.1/3' Nasat
2' Scharf V

8' Kupfergedackt
4' Spillpfeife
2.2/3' Rohrquinte
2' Principal
1.1/3' Nasat
1' Scharf IV