Immanuel Lutheran Church

104 Snelling Avenue South
St Paul, MN 55105

Builder: Page Organ Co, 1929
Action: Electropneumatic

Notes: Chamber in the ceiling, console originally in the chancel with the choir. Both moved to the balony in 1952 per a member of the church.

Page Organ Company was a theater organ builder located in Lima, Ohio. They started very small in 1922 but experienced much growth in demand through the 1920's. Onset of sound films and the Great Depression in the 1930's doomed the company. In 1930 it was sold to employee Ellsworth Beilharz who initially assembled instruments from components from the defunct Page Company. In 1984 Beilharz sold the company to two employees, who remain in business under the name Lima Pipe Organ Company, Inc.

Barely visible in the upper right of the lower photo is the chamber opening of the Page organ.