Central Park United Methodist Church

639 Jackson St
St Paul, MN

Now The Recovery Church - Central Park UMC, 253 State St, St Paul, MN 55107
Builder: M.P. Möller, Opus 6894, 1940
Manuals: 2
Action: Electropneumatic

Notes: Identified from factory documents and publications courtesy of Stephen Schnurr. 2009

The organ is presently in storage awaiting a new church building for the congregation. The organ was installed in the old Central Methodist Church a beautiful large Victorian building with a very tall spire. When I-94 was built through downtown St Paul, Central Methodist was torn down and a new modern church was built across from Regions Hospital. Now the state government is exercising eminent domain over the property and the new, 1960s building is to be torn down. The congregation is on the move again. They’ve packed up the 1940s Moller for it’s trip to its new home.

--Brad Davies

Editor's note: Since 2009, this church has moved to a new facility under a new name (shown) and there is no sign of the organ. Piano, guitars and microphones are evident.