The Baroque Room

275 East Fourth St, Suite 280
St Paul, MN 55101

Builder: Flentrop Orgelbau
Manuals: 1, divided
Ranks: 3
Action: Mechanical

Notes: Information and photo from David Engen, 9/2013

8' Gedeckt (wood and metal)
4' Flute (stopped 1-25, then open)
2' Principal


The Baroque Room is a performance space located in the Lowertown neighborhood of downtown Saint Paul. The Baroque Room is part of an inclusive movement to provide an affordable performance venue for chamber musicians and to create a diverse and stable early music scene in the Twin Cities. Designed with an especially resonant acoustic appropriate for early music, The Baroque Room houses a William Dowd doublemanual Franco-Flemish harpsichord, Flentrop Chamber Organ, and a Raudenbush & Sons grand piano, on loan from The Schubert Club.

The Baroque Room offers wall space to showcase the work of local artists and houses a display featuring facsimiles of letters from The Schubert Club Museum collection. The Baroque Room was created with support from the Lowertown Future Fund, St. Paul Cultural STAR, and private donations. --from the Baroque Room website.