Trinity Lutheran Churh

203 East Main St
Spring Grove, MN 55974

Builder: Jan van Daalen, 1981
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 29
Action: Mechanical

8' Praestant
8' Rohrflute
4' Octave
4' Quintadena
2' Blockflute
1.1/3' Mixture IV
8' Trompet
8' Trompet en chamade

8' Gedackt
4' Spillflute
2' Principal
1.1/3' Quint
2.2/3' Sesquialtera II*
1.3/5' Tertz*
1' Cymbal III
8' Trichter-Dulcian
* double draw

16' Bourdon
8' Praestant
8' Gedackt
4' Choral-bass
2' Mixture III
16' Fagot

Trinity Trivia Tuesday! Music has always been an integral part of worship at Trinity with our current van Daalen organ filling the sanctuary with beautiful sounds. Is this the only organ Trinity has had? No, it is not. The first mention of an organ in congregational records is in 1872... A small reed organ.

A reed organ was also used in the first brick church and was built to assemble a pipe organ.

In 1894, a pipe organ was installed in the new brick church. This was used until 1939 when a new Maxi-Barton electric pneumatic organ was installed.

In the fall of 1977 an organ committee was formed to study the condition of the Maxi-Barton organ. The instrument was evaluated by several organ builders and it was decided that it would cost a considerable amount to repair the organ and that would not be a wise investment.

The next step was to figure out what type of organ to install. After a detailed study of different organs, it was decided to purchase a van Daalen. After spending about 20 months studying, planning, and fundraising, the organ was installed. Organ builder, Mr. Jan van Daalen voiced the instrument. This is the organ still in use at Trinity today. It has 21 stops and 29 ranks.