St Christopher's Episcopal Church

2300 N Hamline Avenue
Roseville, MN 55113

Builder: Rieger Orgelbau, 1952
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 25
Action: Mechanical

Notes: St. Christopher's acquired a 25-rank portable Rieger tracker action organ from Troy, MI. This is one of many tiny tracker organs marketed by Rieger in the 1950's. A brochure from that time indicates that the various models were additive and could be expanded to 3 manuals and pedal. One of these was purchased by Robert Noehren for the University of Michigan and eventually found its way to a small recital hall at Mankato State University. (It is no longer there.) The version at St. Christopher's has the pedal built in to the rolling platform, with the 16' under the platform and the remaining pipes behind the player, including a 16' Sordun. Manual I sits on top of the platform in front of the player, with Manual II above it. Everything is extremely tiny, to the point the open-toed pipes have no racks and are held in place by their feet in a hole in the toeboard. Shortly after the organ was installed by church members we were called on to fix certain oddities. After some of the Manual I pipes had been disturbed by curious fingers, we added a grill, painted the blue of the chancel chairs, to protect the pipes. Visible in the second picture.
-- Information from David Engen, Grandall and Engen, 2012

MANUAL I (Great) -- 61 notes
16' Quintade 45 (bottom 16 lost in a fire)
8' Rohrflute 61 (8 polished copper in facade)
4' Principal 61 (21 polished copper in facade)
4' Spitzflute 61
2.2/3' Nazat TG 42
2' Waldflute 61
    Mixture III-IV 202

MANUAL II (Positiv) -- 61 keys, 54 notes
8' Gedeckt 54 (wood)
4' Holzflute 54
2' Principal 54
1.1/3' Quinte 54
1' Sifflöte 54
    Cymbel II 108
8' Krummhorn 54 (copper)

PEDAL -- 32 notes
16' Subbass 32 (12 pipes in platform base)
8' Oktavbass 20 (1-12 from Subbass)
4' Choralbass 12 (ext)
2' Lochgedeckt 32
2.2/3' Mixture II 64 (most of quint is capped)
16' Sordun 32