First Unitarian Universalist Society

1727 Walden Lane SW
Rochester, MN

Builder: Hendrickson Organ Co, Opus 49, 1979
Manuals: 3 (coupler manual I)
Ranks: 24
Action: Mechanical

Notes: Known locally as "The Bell Organ", it contains a Laukhuff Glockenspiel located behind the music rack, a wind-driven Zimbelstern in the main case, and a 2/5' Jeu de Clochette that includes a tierce on every note.
The funds for the organ were given by Mary Kahler Hench, widow of Dr. Philip Showalter Hench, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1950 for discovery of Cortisone. Hench worked at nearby Mayo Clinic.
The case is made of solid walnut. Consultant was Merrill N. "Jeff" Davis, who was organist here at one time. Half of the organ was voiced by Robert Sperling and the other half by David Engen. Anthony Newman played the dedication concert.
The horizontal trumpet is partly regal. Notes 1-12 are 1/4 length; 13-24 1/2 length; 25-36 full length; 37-54 double length.
-- Notes by David Engen

RIPIENO (54 notes, manual III)
8' Prestant
8' Spitzflöte
4' Octave
4' Spielflöte
2' Glockenspiel
1' Principale
2.2/3' Sesquialtera II
    Plein Jeu VII
8' Trompetenregal

CONTINUO (54 notes)
8' Gedackt
4' Gemshorn
2' Rohrpfeife
2/5' Jeu de Clochette II
16' Musette

PEDAL (30 notes)
16' Soubasse
8' Prestant
2' Blockflöte
8' Trompetenbasse

Tremulant to whole organ