Peace Lutheran Church

100 Fourth Avenue NW
New London, MN 56273

Builder: Mike Christian, 2007
Ahlborn-Galanti Organ Co
Manuals: 2
Action: Electropneumatic and digital

Notes: Mike Christian moved the organ to a new sanctuary and made changes in the organ. A larger space meant revoicing the original pipes and addition of ranks. Because of cost, it was decided to go with digital enhancement with the old instrument. All the ranks of pipes are included in the new instrument. And the Great and Swell chests, where the pipes are placed, are from the original installation. There have been problems using the original wind chests with the electronic action. New chests may be needed to make the instrument work well. The cost would be around $35,000.

--Information and photos from Charles Hendrickson, Pastor Al Bjorkland, and Pastor Bill Miller.
Last Update: 7/2012

The Chronicler: It is the basic Digital instrument and is Indicated by the abbreviation - Chron I.

HO is the abbreviation fort he original Hendrickson
tracker pipe organ.

The Classic Module is the box that sits on top of the keyboard to the left, and includes a wider variety of stops. Denoted by [CM]

GREAT ORGAN (23 Ranks, 17 Stops)
16’ Pommer [Chron I]
8’ Spitzprestant [HO-1976]
8’ Principal [CM]
8’ Gemshorn [Chron I]
8’ Gedackt [HO-1976]
8’ Holzgedackt [CM]
8’ Flute Harmonique [CM]
4’ Prestant [HO-1976]
4’ Flute Octaviante [CM]
2’ Super Octave [Chron I]
2’ Octave [CM]
2’ Waldflote [HO- 1987]
II Sesquialtera [HO-1987]
III-IV Mixture [HO-1976]

III Cymbale [CM]
8’ Trumpet [Chron I]
8’ Krummhorn [Chron I]
Chimes [Chron I]

SWELL ORGAN (26 Ranks, 21 Stops)
8’ Gemshorn [HO-1976]
8’ Flute a Cheminee [CM]
II Viole Celeste [HO-1976+Chn I]
8’ Gemshorn [CM]
8’ Gemshorn Celeste [CM]
4’ Principal [Chron I]
4’ Spillfloete [HO-1976]
4’ Koppelfloete [CM]
2 2/3’ Nazard [Chron I]
2’ Principal [HO-1976]
1 3/5’ Tierce [Chron I]
1 1/3’ Quinte [HO-1976]
IV-V Plein Jeu [CM]
16’ Bombarde [CM]
16’ Basson [Chron I]
8’ Schalmey [HO –1987]
8’ Harmonic Trumpet [CM]
8’ Corno di Bassetto [CM]
8’ Hautbois [Chron I]
8’ Festival Trumpet [CM]
4’ Clairon [CM]

PEDAL ORGAN (17 Ranks, 14 Stops)
32’ Contre Basse [CM]
16’ Principal [Chron I]
16’ Contre Gambe [CM]
16’ Subbass [HO-1976]
8’ Prestant [HO- from Great]
8’ Flute [Chron I]
4’ Choral Bass [Chron I]
4’ Koppelfloete [Chron I]
IV Mixture [Chron I]
32’ Contre Bombarde [CM]
16’ Bombarde [CM]
16’ Fagott [HO-1987]
8’ Trompete [Chron I]
4’ Schalmei [Chron I]