Wesley Methodist Episcopal Church (Centenary M. E. Church)

Minneapolis, MN
The church is no longer extant
Builder: E. & G. G. Hook, Opus 468 (1868)
Manuals: 2
Registers: 23
Action: Mechanical

The original Hook organ for Centenary Methodist Episcopal Church was built for a new building opened in 1868 and was located on the side next to the pulpit. (The congregation built the present building in 1891, moved to the new location, and changed their name to Wesley Methodist.) Built during Hook's "golden age", its advertised 23 registers includes the three couplers and registrational aids such as composition pedals.
Information Organ Historical Society Archive and Bill Van Pelt.

The organ arrived in Decmber, 1868 and cost $3000. (Plymouth Congregational got an almost identical Hook just before Centenary.) Dedication was on Dec. 26 (Plymouth dedication had been Dec. 18)
From the Minneapolis Daily Tribune, 1868.

Stoplist shown here is of Hook Opus 406, 1867, built for the United Methodist Church of Ipswich, MA, slightly smaller at 20 registers, but likely similar.
GREAT ORGAN, 56 notes
16' Bourdon TC 44 wood
8' Open Diapason 56 metal
8' Dulciana TC 44 metal
8' Melodia TC 44 wood
8' St. Diapason Bass, 12 wood
4' Octave 56 metal
2' Fifteenth 56 metal
Mixture II 112 metal
Swell to Great
16' Sub Bass 27 wood
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal 
SWELL ORGAN, 56 notes
8' Keraulophon TC 44 metal
8' St. Diapason Treble TC 44 wood
8' St. Diapason Bass 12 wood
4' Flute Harmonique 56 metal
8' Oboe TC 44 metal
8' Bassoon 12 metal