Oak Knoll Lutheran Church

600 County Road 73
Minneapolis, MN 55305

Builder: Rodgers Organ Co
Manuals: 3

Notes: The current church was built when the shopping center at the NW corner of County Road 73 and I394 was built and the old church was razed. The former A-frame church (shown below) was built in the 1950's as an expansion of the original "country" church, which became a chapel. It was in the chapel where, at the encouragement of my piano teacher, I first played hymns on the piano for Sunday School assembly as an elementary student.  I was a member here from 1955-1961, during which time my father helped our neighbor Lillian Madsen become organist. She stayed for many decades. The church has never had a pipe organ.
-- David Engen, 4/2020