Lutheran Theological Seminary

Minneapolis, MN

Builder: M. P. Moller, Opus 6929, 1940
Manuals: 2
Registers: 22
Action: Electropneumatic

Notes: Identified from Organ Historical Society Database.
Lacking a street address, this entry is filled with errors. There was a "Luther Theological Seminary", but it was in St Paul. From Wikipedia:

In 1917, three Norwegian-American Lutheran churches united to create the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America (NLCA). Each of the three churchbodies had operated a seminary. The Norwegian Synod's Luther Seminary in Saint Paul, Minnesota, had been founded in 1876; the Hauge Synod's Red Wing Seminary in Red Wing, Minnesota, in 1879; and the United Norwegian Lutheran Church's United Church Seminary in Saint Paul, in 1892. The merged seminaries occupied the site of the United Church Seminary because it was the most developed and elaborate, and retained the name of the oldest of the three schools, namely, Luther Theological Seminary.

The NLCA took the name Evangelical Lutheran Church in 1946 and, with other churches, formed the American Lutheran Church (ALC) in 1960.