Trondhjem (Norwegian) Lutheran Church

87740 170th Street (country Township location)
Austin, MN 55912

(Originally in Elma, Iowa's Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church. See notes below.)
Builder: Wicks Organ Co., Opus 5232, 1971.
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 2
Action: Wicks Direct Electric®

Notes: This entry describes an original installation of a new pipe organ. Identified by Ryan D. Hulshizer, based on personal knowledge of the organ.

According to Dewey Kruger (of Dewey Kruger Music Center LTD) of Northwood, IA, this organ was purchased from the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Elma, IA in about 1992, was set up in Dewey Kruger Music Center (for about 1 year), and later purchased by and relocated to Trondhjem Lutheran Church in 1993-1994 (at the direction of their organist, Marlene Schroeder).

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