Albert Lea United Methodist Church

702 Hghway 69 South
Albert Lea, MN 56007

(Originally in First Presbyteran Church, Mankato, MN. Later moved here by Rutz Organ Co. in 1989)
Builder: M.P. Möller Organ Co., Op. 8390, 1952. Expanded by Rutz Co. in 1989.
Manuals: 3
Ranks: 34 (originally 19 ranks)
Action: Electro-pneumatic/Pitman chests

Notes: From church's website: "The most striking feature of our sanctuary is, for many people, the 3-manual keyboard and 32-note pedal pipe organ.

It contains 1,997 pipes in all, most of which are hidden in two alcoves on the north and south side.

Built origially in 1952 as a 14-rank organ by the Moller Pipe Organ Co. (for the First Presbyterian Church of Mankato, MN). That organ was enlaraged in 1972 with 20 additional ranks added by organ builder Richard Lurth. It was bought, rebuilt and installed in our sanctuary on November 16th, 1989 by the Rutz Organ Company.

Photos by Ryan D. Hulshizer. Organ Historical Society as of 2020.

16' Pommer
8' Principal
8' Rohrflute
4' Octave
4' Spitzflute
2' Fifteeneth
8' Trumpet
    Mixture IV

16' Bourdon
8' Bourdon
8' Viola
8' Viola Celeste (TC)
4' Principal
4' Koppelflote
2.2/3' Nazard (TC)
2' Super Octave
2' Koppelflote
1.3/5' Terz (TC)
    Mixture VI
16' Bassoon
8' Trumpet
8' Oboe
4' Clarion

8' Hohlflute
8' Spitzflute
4' Principal
8' Unda Maris
4' Flute Octave
2' Octave
1.1/3' Quint
1' Sifflute
8' Krummhorn

32' Resultant
16' Princpal
16' Subbass
8' Principal
8' Flute
4' Choral Bass
    Mixture III
16' Posaune
8' Trombone
4' Oboe

Sw/Ped 8'
Gt/Ped 8'
Pos/Ped 8'
Gt/Gt (16'/Uni. Off/4')
Sw/Sw (16'/Uni. Off/4')
Swell to Great (8'/4')
Positive to Great (8'/4')
Positive to Positive (16'/Uni. Off/4')
Swell to Positive (8'/4')

6-General thumb pistons and toe studs
4-Divisional thumb pistons for all divisions
4-Divisional toe studs for pedal division
Gt/Ped (toe stud)
Sw/Ped (toe stud)
Tutti (reversible thumb piston and toe stud)