Saint John's Lutheran Church (ELCA) (now Grace Lutheran)

2286 210th Street
Tripoli, IA 50676

(This instrument was sold and moved to Peace Lutheran Church in Ridgeway, Iowa and later to a church in Oregon [see below.] An earlier Hinners of 1912 is also referenced, but may be the same instrument.)
Builder: Hinners Organ Co., Op. 1943, 1915.
Manuals: 1 (with pedal)
Ranks: 5
Pipes: 262
Stops: 9
Compass: 61/30 (flat pedal)
Action: Mechanical

Notes: Information from James R. Stettner (2007).

The case is quarter-sawn oak, and the keydesk interior is of cherry. There are 25 pipes in the three-sectional façade, arranged: 3-19-3. Of these, 24 are speaking pipes of the 8' Open Diapason Bass. 12 pipes in pedal 16' rank. Combinations were achieved by fixed Piano and Forte foot trundles for combination presets.

Sold to Peace Lutheran Church, Ridgeway (Winneshiek Co.), IA (date unknown).

Sold again through Organ Clearing House to Aurora Presbyterian Church,  in Aurora, Oregon (circa 1992).

Organ Historical Society as of 2007.