Friedens Evangelical Reformed Church (now Schleswig United Church of Christ)

409 Maple Avenue
Schleswig, IA 51461

Builder: Reuter Organ Co., Op. 879, 1950.
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 6
Action: Electro-pneumatic

Notes: Years ago, this church was formed by German speaking immigrants who chose “Friedens Evangelical Church” as the name to represent them. “Friedens” means “Peace”- exactly what they wanted to communicate through the congregation.

As time passed, the community changed and the congregation changed with it. The Evangelical Church merged with the German Reformed Church in the 1930’s and became the Evangelical and Reformed Church. In the 1950’s another merger took place with the Congregational and Christian Church, establishing the United Church of Christ. Throughout the years, worship changed from the German language to English. The congregation moved to the current physical building on Maple Street in the 1960’s.

Chris Leaver of Reuter Co.(2005), Charles Eberline (2015), and Organ Historical Society as of 2015.