New Melleray Abbey

6632 Melleray Circle
Peosta, IA 52068

(This small instrument has been in several locations, including builder's residence, a church in Wisconsin, a seminary in Bangor, Maine, and a Priory in Fort Wayne, Indiana and the Peosta, Iowa Abbey. See notes below.)
Builder: Wahl, Ronald, 1971
Manuals: 1
Ranks: 5
Stops: 5
Action: Mechanical/slider chests

Notes: From Ronald Wahl residence, Appleton, WI.

Rebuilt and moved by Wahl as (8' Gedackt (using the 8' wood bass pipes of Hook op. 65 from Thomaston, Maine) with new metal gedackt pipes with caps soldered on, 4' Principal (rescaled 2' Prin, added open pipes to low A, rest common notes with 4' Rohr), 4' Rohr, 2' Flute (rescaling the two remaining principals to Holflute scale), 8' Regal.

Sold by Wahl to St. Pius X R. C. Church in Cambridge, WI (circa 1975).

Extant in a St. Julian Friary, 333 E. Paulding Rd (circa 1987) in Fort Wayne. Came from a St. Pius X R. C. in Cambridge, WI. The Cambridge, WI church traded with the Fort Wayne Friary for an Op 2 Wolf or Wilhelm. Wahl moved both organs in an organ transplant weekend. The five stop was too small for the church, the Friary was down to three people and were moving into a house, hence the trade. The 5 stop in the house was too loud and was sold to Bangor Seminary in Maine (extant in 1988).

Wahl did not move and no longer knows the status of the organ. Alan Laufmann said they were just using the pipes on a new chest and the old chest was going to be used as a voicing machine by the service man who moved the organ. From the St. Julian Friary, in Fort Wayne, Indiana (1988).

Organ Historical Society as of 2004.

8' Gedackt
4' Principal
4' Rohrflute
2' Flute
8' Regal