Brian Williams' Residence

(Street address unknown)
Parkersburg, IA 50665

(See history and locations below.)
Builder: W.W. Kimball Co., Op. 7252, 1939.
Manuals:  2
Ranks: 3
Action: Electro-pneumatic

Notes: Kimball 7252 was originally installed in the Good Hope Lutheran Church in Titonka, IA (in 1939). It was relocated to a new sanctuary c. 1958. It remained there until 1974 when it was replaced by a larger Moller. The Kimball was then donated to Waldorf College in Forest City IA, where it was used as a practice organ. I'm assuming that it was not changed but only re-located.

About August 2011, it was severely damaged by a broken water pipe which leaked directly onto the windchest. It was decided by Waldorf College not to pursue the repair of the organ. Dobson Organ Company passed my contact information to Waldorf College, and a representative there contacted me about the availability of the instrument. I removed the instrument and am in the process of repairing the water damaged portions.

Information from Brian Williams, Dobson Organs, and Organ Historical Society as of 2012.

8' Open Diapason
8' Flute Ouverte
8' Viola d'Amour
4' Octave
4' Flute
4' Viol
2' Doublette

16' Bourdon
8' Diapason
8' Flute
8' Viol d'Gambe
4' Flute
4' Viol
2.2/3' Nazard
2' Flageolet
8' Orchestral Oboe (derived)

16' Bourdon
8' Flute
4' Fifteenth
4' Flute