Saint Mathias's Roman Catholic Church

Muscatine, IA 52761

(See separate entry for Pfeffer organ at Saint Mary's Church.  Saint Mathias's and St. Mary's are now merged into one parish.)
Builder: Stannke Organ Co., Albert, 1950's rebuild of earlier instrument circa 1910.
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 15
Compass: 61/30
Action: Electro-pneumatic/electro-mechanical

Notes: This is a rebuild of an existing organ identified by Shawn P. Keith, based on personal knowledge of the organ. Organ is assembled from badly butchered case,  facade, and wind chests of unknown builder but likely original to the building. Original slider wind chest toeboards were converted to electric action. Console is second-hand to the installation and largely inoperable. Behind twin side chamber cases derived from original center casework.

Organ Historical Society as of 2014.

8’ Open Diapason 61
8’ Melodia 12 (from Sw Wald, enclosed with Sw)
8’ Bell Gamba 61
8’ Dolce (from Sw Dulciana)
8’ Dolce Celeste 61 (enclosed with Swell, 1-12 unenclosed stopped bass)
4’ Octave 73
4’ Gedackt (from Sw Holz)
2.2/3’ Twelfth (from Sw Fugara)
2’ Fifteenth (from Octave)
1.1/3’ Quinte (from Sw Geigen)
2’ Mixture III 183 (enclosed with Swell)
8’ Trumpet (Sw)
Great/Great 4'
Swell/Great (16'/8'/4')

16’ Bourdon 85 (C13)
8’ Geigen 81 (1-12 unenclosed)
8’ Hölz Gedackt (from Bourdon)
8’ Dulciana 61 (1-12 unenclosed)
4’ Fugara 61
4’ Wald Flute 61 (Melodia type)
2.2/3’ Nazard (from Bourdon)
2’ Principal 61
1.3/5’ Tierce (prepared)
1’ Scharff III (from Gt Mixture, no top octave)
8’ Trumpet 73
4’ Clarion (ext)
Swell/Swell (16'/Uni. Off/4')

16’ Subbass 30
16’ Lieblich Gedackt 12 (ext Sw Bourdon)
8’ Principal (from Sw Geigen)
8’ Bass Flute (prepared/currently inoperative/no top octave)
4’ Choral Bass (from Sw Geigen)
Great/Pedal 8
Swell/Pedal 8