Saint Joseph's Roman Catholic Church

302 Fifth Street S.E.
Mason City, IA 50401

Builder: Wangerin Organ Co., (updated in 1960's).
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 13
Stops: 19
Action: Electro-pneumatic

Notes: Information from James R. Stettner. It is not presently known if this Wangerin already existed at St. Joseph's and was then rebuilt/altered/enlarged in the 1960's. Or, whether it was relocated to its present home from another location.

Wangerin Organ Co. existed only until 1942. Between 1942-45 they built for the US Defense Dept. (for the war effort). Following WWII they never reopened for building organs.

Ryan D. Hulshizer (2015) and Organ Historical Society as of 2015.

8' Principal
8' Rohr Floete
4' Octave
4' Rohr Floete
2' Principal
    Mixture III
Great/Great (16'/Uni. Off/4')
Swell/Great (16'/8'/4')

8' Stopped Diapason
8' Salicional
8' Voix Celeste
4' Melodia
2.2/3' Nazard
1.3/5' Terz
8' Oboe
Swell/Swell (16'/Uni. Off/4')

16' Bourdon
8' Octave
8' Flauto Dolce
4' Choral Bass
4' Flute
2' Principal
Swell/Pedal (8'/4')
Great/Pedal (8'/4')

8 General Pistons (Four Memory Levels)
Sforzando Piston
General Cancel