Emmanuel Lutheran Church

308 Fourth Avenue
Grafton, IA 50440

Builder: Reuter Organ Co., Op. 472, 1935.
(see notes about 2003 work done in notes below)
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 10
Action: Electro-pneumatic

Notes: Information from Ryan D. Hulshizer. This organ was originally installed new in this church in the 1930s. Sometime in the 1970s a new console was built.

The organ underwent significant renovation including releathering in 2003 by the Mike Nelson Organ Company (Wolverton, MN) plus the addition of three digital ranks of pipes and a Zimbelstern.

The old console (only) resides at the Historic Railroad Depot in Grafton.

Note organ chamber openings high on both sides of the church in the transepts.

Ryan D. Hulshizer and Organ Historical Society as of 20.

8' Open Diapason
8' Melodia
8' Dulciana
4' Octave
4' Harmonic Flute
4' Flute D'amour
2' Piccolo
Gt/Gt 4'
Sw/Gt (8'/4')
    Midi A
    Midi B

16' Lieblich Gedeckt
8' Diapason
8' Gedeckt
8' Salicional
8' Voix Celeste
4' Harmonic Flute
4' Flute
2.2/3' Nazard
2' Flautino
8' Oboe
Sw/Sw 4'
    Midi A
    Midi B

32' Resultant (derived from Bourdon/added 2003)
16' Principal (digital voice/added 2003)
16' Bourdon
16' Lieblich Gedeckt
8' Bourdon
8' Gedeckt
4' Harmonic Flute
4' Flute
16' Bassoon (digital voice/added 2003)
8' Great to Pedal
4' Great to Pedal
8' Swell to Pedal
4' Swell to Pedal
    Midi A
    Midi B

6-General (finger pistons and toe studs)
6-Divisionals (Swell/Ped or Great/Ped)
General Cancel (Piston and Toe Stud)
Sforzando reversible (Piston and Toe Stud)
Swell to Pedal and Great to Pedal (reversible pistons and toe studs)
Auto Pedal Playing Aid Piston (bottom manual note is also played in pedal register)