Saint Joseph's Roman Catholic Church

206 West Oak Street
Garnavillo, IA 52049

Builder: Pfeffer & Son, J.G., 1903.
Manuals: 1
Ranks: (presumably 6)
Compass: 58/25 (pull-down pedal)
Stops: 6
Action: Mechanical

Notes: In 1986 the Organ Historical Society (OHS) presented a concert on this organ.

From the Garnavillo Press October 30, 1903: The new pipe organ at St. Joseph Church which was received last week is now put together and was used Sunday morning.

The organ is built by Pfeffer & Son of St. Louis and is one of the best of its kind. The workmanship through out is up to the standard. The organ has one manual of 58 keys and a pedal of 25 keys.

The disposition of the stops are as follows: one 8 foot Dulciana, 58 wood and metal pipes, 1 foot Octate, 58 metal pipes, 4 foot Flute D'Amour, 58 wood pipes, 16 foot Pedal Bourdon, 28 pipes and contains altogether 360 pipes. The organ is 6 ft. deep, 8 ft. wide, and 13 ft. high.

The finish is oak to match the church. The display pipes are beautifully decorated in gold, silver and oil color. The organ was presented to the church by Mrs. Anna Berns, a gift which will be appreciated and enjoyed by many.

Photo from Carol DeSotel (2020). Organ Historical Society as of 2004.