James Bertin Residence

Address unknown
Des Moines, IA

(See separate entry for a Simmons/Fisher instrument also at this location.)
Builder: Robjohn, Thomas, Op. 116, 1859. Odell & Co. rebuilt and modernized organ in 1942 as Op. 116-B.
Manuals: 2
Compass: 56/25 (pull-down flat pedal)
Ranks: 11
Action: Mechanical

Notes: Robjohn organ was relocated from an unknown residence and moved to Bedford Presbyterian Church, Bedford, NY in 1872 . Later moved to the front of this Bedford church in 1901. Renovated in 1942 by J. H. & C. S. Odell Co.

Relocated in 1963 to the Baptist Church in Banksville, CT.

Odell chassis relocated from the Banksville Baptist Church to Iowa residence.

In 1996, the case was set up at Zion Lutheran in Detroit, MI. Owned, at the time, by Dana Hull and for sale. Possible Jardine (?) pipes.

Organ relocated again (circa 2020) by the M.L. Bigelow & Co. to the Musican Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona.

Peter Cameron (The Tracker, Vol. 10, No. 2) and Organ Historical Society as of 2004.

Historic case is rosewood veneer over solid walnut. 14'-2" tall, 9' wide, 4' deep + pedal board. Pipes are not original, but are either new (façade) or vintage (inside) and carefully scaled to match originals. Key desk is attached and inset into the case with doors. Electric blower with on/off switch. Matching walnut organ bench and pedal board.

8 Open Diapason 56
8 Stopped Diapason 56
8 Dulciana (TC) 44
4 Chimney Flute (TF) 39

SWELL ORGAN (latch-down expression lever)
Open Diapason (TF) 39
Stopped Diapason (TF) 39
8 Dulciana Bass 17
4 Principal (TF) 39
4 Principal Bass 17
2 Fifteenth (TF) 39
2.2/3 & 1.3/5 Sesquialtera II (TF) 78
8 Trumpet (TF) 39

PEDAL (pull-down):

Tremulant (affects entire organ)