Saint Peter's Lutheran Church

540 East Franklin Street
Denver, IA 50622

Builder: Hinners Pipe Organ Co., 1912
1954: Wicks Organ Co
1993: Levsen Organ Co.
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 15
Action: Unknown

Notes: Information from Scott Crowell: Hinners tracker organ from Pekin, Illinois purchased by the congregation in 1912. It was rebuilt in 1954 by Wicks, who added 3 new ranks. Problems with the relay system began in the late 1980s. Levsen Organ Company, who has serviced the organ since 1970, rebuilt and enlarged the organ in 1993. All 15 ranks are now under expression and the relay system is digital.
Editor's note: There are no good pictures of the organ on Facebook, but there is a "new" wood panel now in the location formerly occupied by the keydesk. The Hinners probably had a facade which Wicks changed to a grill with dummy pipes. It is now in a chamber to the left of the chancel.

Organ Historical Society as of 2012.

8 Open Diapason
8 Melodia
8 Dulciana
4 Octave
4 Concert Flute
2 Fifteenth
Mixture III
8 Trompette (Sw)

8 Stopped Diapason
8 Salicional
8 Vox Angelica (TC)
4 Gemshorn
2.2/3 Nazard
2 Gemshorn
16 Fagott (TC)
8 Trompette
4 Oboe

32 Resultant
16 Bourdon
16 Lieblich Gedeckt
8 Open Diapason (Gt)
8 Bassflote
4 Choralbass (Gt)
16 Trompette
8 Trompette (Sw)
4 Oboe (Sw)