Saint Mark's Lutheran Church

2100 First Avenue N.E.
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

(Casavant moved to St. Mark's Lutheran Church in Marion, Iowa in 1999. See separate entry.)
Builder: Casavant Frères Ltée., Op. 3262, 1975.
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 17
Pipes: 838
Stops: 13
Compass 56/30
Action: Mechanical/slider chests

Notes: Jeff Scofield and Organ Historical Society as of 2010. It appears the congregation moved out of this building (the location now appears to be something else) and built a new facility in Marion where they rescued Skinner Opus 695 from Bronx, NY to great fanfare. There is even a children's book about the organ. Originally in the ELCA, they also joined LCMC in an attempt to heal divisions in the congregation over the ELCA's stance on gay and lesbian clergy. The ELCA does not allow a dual association, so they were removed from the ELCA by the synod offices in Iowa City. Casavant confirmed this organ was moved to this location, so we believe it might be in a first unit/chapel. The facility is large enough.

8' Prinzipal 44 (1/12 from Hohlflote)
8' Hohlflöte 56
4' Oktave 56
2' Super Oktave 56
    Mixtur III-IV 200
8' Dulzian 56

8' Gedackt 56
4' Rohrflöte 56
2' Flöte 56
    Terzian II 112

16' Subbas 32
8' Octave 32
8' Trompete 32