First Lutheran Church

1000 Third Avenue S.E.
Cedar Rapids, IA 52403

Builder: Levsen Organ Co., Op. 5, 1983. Additional work by Freeport Organ Co. in 1996.
Manuals: 3
Ranks: 36
Pipes: 2005
Stops: 40
Action: Electric/Electro-pneumatic
See also new organ by Parsons

Notes: Information from James R. Stettner and Organ Historical Society. Additional update from Brett Wolgast of the church. This is an entirely new organ which retains 3 registers/4 ranks from the previous, used, 1930s Aeolian-Skinner residence organ (Sw. II Scharf & 4' Oboe and Ped. 16' Subbass) and also the chimes and harp. All other pipework is new. The organ is handsomely displayed in the rear gallery with the Great and some of the Pedal on a chest cantilevered off of the back wall. The Positiv is positioned as a Rückpositiv on the right side of the rear gallery rail (when facing rear). And the 8' Principal basses of the Great and Pedal form the left corner facade on two sides for the expressive Swell. Tonal design is essentially American Classic with a tendency towards north German Baroque. Visually, the striking asymmetrical pipe displays are somewhat "Holtkamp-esque." The organ was dedicated November 13, 1983. In 1996, the church complete a major renovation and building project. While the majority of the project focused on the church's education and office areas, the sanctuary balcony and organ were also included in the renovation. Work completed on the organ and in the balcony include the following: 1. The balcony was enlarged, doubling the space by moving the wall back. 2. The Positiv division, which originally was mounted on the front rail of the balcony, has been reposition and placed near the Great division on the back wall. This move has helped with tuning and ensemble issues. 3. The Pedal and Swell divisions, which also were originally placed at the front of the balcony, have been also reposition further back in the balcony to be closer to the Great & Positiv, and to allow for the organ console to be placed in front of the divisions on the balcony main floor. 4. The Organ console is now on a platform that allows it to be moved to various positions in the balcony. 5. For the action, the Levsen direct electric action has been replaced with a Peterson Solid-State action, featuring multi-level memory system and sequencing capabilities. 6. The entire organ has been re-voiced to better fit the space and to produce a more uniform and cohesive sound.

Organ Historical Society as of 2020.