Saint James's Lutheran Church (originally Saint Jakobi Lutheran)

421 Main Street
Alison, IA 50602

(Original building was at 320 141st Avenue N.E. in Allison, IA. New building erected in 1975. See separate entry for a Wicks pipe organ.)
Builder: Hinners Organ Co., Op. 2324, 1917.
Manuals: 1
Ranks: 6
Pipes: 308
Stops: 11
Action: Mechanical/slider chests

Notes: This Hinners organ was moved in 1976 (by Randall J. McCarty) to Vereinige Deutschprachige Kirch in Seattle, WA. Information from James R. Stettner. When originally built, this organ was designed to fit into a right corner, having a front and a left side. The facade was three-sectional containing 27 pipes arranged: 8-11-8. The pipes were stencilled, and the left side was a simple "window pane" wooden grille with cloth covering. All manuals stops were divided into treble (37) and bass (24). The 8' Open Diapason was the only unenclosed rank with the first 19 pipes en façade and operated by tubular-pneumatic action.

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