In this site you will find organ specifications, pictures, historical and other information  about most of the churches, residences, colleges, and universities who have organs in Minnesota and in our neighboring states.

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Minnesota is listed first. Then neighboring states are listed alphabetically. Within states, organs are listed alphabetically by town and then church. The best way to find a particular listing is to use the “Find” feature on your web browser.

We hope you enjoy the list and are able to find information you are looking for. Please help us maintain the list by reporting any errors or changes you may find. If you have information that is not on the list please send it to us. You can send it to Richard Greene, 739 Como Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55103 or

The letters after the name of an organ indicate what is included in the listing. An “s” indicates the presence of a specification. The “p” indicates presence of a photo or photos.

Help would be gratefully appreciated in supplying us with any missing information.


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