St. Katherine's Lutheran Church

E7250 North County E
Rusk (Menomonie), WI 54751

Builder: Hinners Organ Co., 1928
Manuals: 1
Ranks: 4
Action: Mechanical

Notes: The bottom 5 pipes of the Open are stopped wood, as is the Pedal Bourdon and the Lieblich Gedackt. The rest of the pipes are either spotted metal or zinc. The bottom octave of the Viol d'Gamba is from the Lieblich Gedackt. The action to the Pedal Bourdon is pneumatic. The Lieblich and strings are in a swell box, while the Open Diapason and Bourdon are unenclosed.

8' Open Diapason Treble 37
8' Open Diapason Bass 24
8' Lieblich Gedackt Treble 37
8' Lieblich Gedackt Bass 24
8' Viol d'Gamba Treble 37
4' Viol d'Gamba Bass 12
    Octave coupler

16' Bourdon 15
    Pedal Coupler