Trinity Episcopal Church

250 Market Street
Platteville, WI 53818

Builder: Henry Erben, 1850
Wm. Schuelke Organ Co., 1907
restored Larry Marowsky, 2009
Manuals: 1
Ranks: 5
Action: Mechanical

Notes: This organ was built by Henry Erben in 1850 for Trinity Episcopal Church in Mineral Point, WI. It was relocated to Platteville by the Schuelke Brothers in 1907. The organ is enclosed in a walnut case. The facade pipes are of wood, half round with flat backs. Pipework cone-tuned, speech is rather soft, but very sweet. All speaking pipework is now enclosed.
Ed. Note: There are no good pictures of the organ on Facebook. In one photo of the small choir, they are in front and it appears there is an electronic organ there as well.

8' Stopped Diapason Bass (from low c to tenor e) 17
8' Open Diapason (from tenor f) 39
8' Dulciana (from tenor f) 39
4' Principal 56
4' Flute (chimney flute from tenor f) 39