St. Lawrence Seminary Chapel

301 Church Street
Mount Calvary, WI 53057

Builder: Tellers Organ Co., Opus 1100, 1970
Manuals: 2
Ranks: (29 stops)
Action: Electropneumatic

Notes: This instrument was installed in the Seminary Chapel built in 1969. The Tellers console and casework are new, but a number of ranks of pipes came from the Schaefer organ in the 1957 chapel (St. Conrad Hall) and some from the Schaefer organ in the Holy Cross Parish Church which stood where the Seminary Chapel now stands.

GREAT ORGAN (unenclosed)
8' Rohrflote
4' Prestant
4' Nachthorn
2' Block Flote
II Mixture 2-2/3'
III Mixture 1-1/3'
16' Fagott
    Gt to Gt Sub, Super; Unison Off
    Sw to Gt, Sub, Super, Unison

SWELL ORGAN (enclosed)
8' Bourdon
8' Gemshorn
8' Unda Maris (TC)
4' Spitzflote
2' Principal
1-1/3' Larigot
1' Oktave
II Mixture 1/2
8' Trompete
4' Rohr Schalmei
    Sw to Sw Sub, Super; Unison Off

16' Subbass
8' Principal
8' Gedeckt
5-1/3' Quint
4' Oktave
4' Hohlflote
2' Hohlflote
III Rauschbass 2-2/3'
16' Trompete
16' Fagotta
8' Fagott
4' Trompette
    Gt to Ped Unison, Super
    Sw to Ped Unison, Super