Emmanuel Lutheran Church WELS

W1568 Evergreen Lane
Mecan Township
Montello, WI 53949

Builder: Wm. Schuelke Organ Co., 1884
Manuals: 1
Ranks: 6
Action: Mechanical

Notes: The organ is in a balcony at the rear of the room. It has a traditional style console with a keyboard cover that can be lifted to form a music rack. There is an attached keydesk, manuals set into the case. The drawknobs are in vertical rows on flat jambs. In 2009, Nolte Organ Building did a complete restoration of the organ - releathered the double rise bellows and feeders; replaced the damaged bottom board of the bellows and replaced the two top covers. A check valve was added to the blower inlet so the organ can be hand pumped. All stopped wood pipes were repaired and had stoppers releathered. The Pedal chest was repaired by sealing leaks, re-gasketing bungs, replacing leather nuts and felt washers. This organ received Organ Historical Society (OHS) Citation number 116.