St. Willebrord Catholic Parish

209 South Adams Street
Green Bay, WI 54301

Builder: J. C. Taylor & Co., 1998
Originally: W. W. Kimball Co., 1901
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 18
Pipes: 1060
Action: Electropneumatic

Notes: The following information was provided by David Bohn from information from J.C. Taylor. The Kimball organ was constructed with the two manual divisions side by side: the Swell division is to the left as one faces the case, and the Great is on the right, with the exposed stops in front of the smaller Great swell-box. The two pedal ranks are installed behind the swell boxes, with the Open Diapason behind the Swell box, and the Bourdon behind the Great. Originally tubular-pneumatic, the action was electrified and the console replaced. The original wind chests survive, with electropneumatic magnet boxes hanging below the windchests. Over the years the organ was enlarged and altered by multiple hands, such that portions of the Great Gamba and Gemshorn were lost. Replacement pipework was made by J.B. Meyer (Milwaukee) to match the surviving pipes of each rank. The mixture had been installed at some point in the past; it was repitched by J. C. Taylor. The trumpet/trombone rank is from 1998; it replaced another trumpet rank. The chest holding the Trumpet and Mixture had been located on top of the swell boxes; it has been relocated to a location that places it at nearly the same chest level as the rest of the manual pipework. The top octave extension of the Bourdon is of open wood pipes, and is installed under the manual chests. The Melodia, Stopped Diapason, Flute d'Amour, and pedal ranks are of wood. The Principal is a replacement by J. C. Taylor; it replaced a Celeste which had replaced a Dulciana, and the Fifteenth replaced a Vox Humana prior to Taylor's work. While there are combination pistons on the organ they are not connected so the console has no combination system at this time.

8' Open Diapason 61
8' Melodia 61*
8' Gamba 61*
8' Gemshorn 61*
4' Octave 61
III Mixture 183
8' Trumpet 61
    Gt to Gt 4
    Sw to Gt 16, 8, 4
    Unison Off

* enclosed in Great box

8' Viol Diapason 61
8' Salicional 61
8' Stopped Diapason 61
4' Principal 61
4' Flute d’Amour 61
2' Fifteenth 61
8' Oboe 61
    Sw to Sw 16, 4
    Unison Off

16' Open Diapason 30
16' Bourdon 30
8' Flute 12
16' Trombone 12
    Sw to Ped 8
    Gt to Ped 8