St. Patrick Catholic Church

322 Fulton Street
Eau Claire, WI 54701

Builder: G. Fabry & Sons (M. P. Möller?), 1983
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 30
Action: Electropneumatic

Notes: Gustav Fabry worked for the Midmer-Losh Company installing the Atlantic City Convention Hall pipe organ. He then worked for M. P. Möller, eventually becoming top voicer. Fabry traveled nation-wide, tonal finishing large Möller installations. He then settled in Illinois in 1955 and founded G. Fabry & Sons, as the Midwest representatives for Möller.
-- St Patrick's is part of a 2-point parish, including Sacred Heart.
-- Following a roof leak in 2015 which left plaster chunks on the organ pipes, there was an extensive remodel of the building. This included the roof, the chancel and the floor.
-- This organ was built during the period of soft zinc, and all of the large zinc pipes have suffered. Even the biggest pipes of the 16' Principal had sagging by the mouth, affecting the windway. The 16' Principal was repaired. Other pipes, including smaller principals and reed resonators, still require repairs.
-- Photos from Facebook and Google. Many pictures of the empty church while it was being repaired. The organ pipes were removed during that time.

8' Principal
8' Gedeckt
4' Octave
4' Flute d’Mor (sic)
2' Octavin
III-IV Mixture
8' Clarinet
    Gt to Gt 4

16' Bourdon
8' Stopped Diapason (ext)
8' Salicional
8' Voix Celeste
4' Spitz Principal
4' Harmonic Flute
2' Doublette
III Plein Jeu
16' Oboe Basson
8' Trumpet
8' Oboe (ext)
4' Clarion (ext)
    Sw to Sw 16, 4
    Unison Off

16' Principal
16' Bourdon (Sw)
8' Principal (ext)
8' Flute
4' Choralbass
4' Flute
III Mixture (1 rank)
16' Oboe Basson (Sw)
8' Trompette (Sw)
4' Clarion (Sw)