The Church of Notre Dame

117 Allen St
Chippewa Falls, WI 54729

Builder: Jackson Pipe Organ Co, 1893
Manuals: 2
Action: Mechanical

Builder: Kilgen Organ Co, 1953
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 20
Action: Electro-pneumatic

Builder: Rodgers, 2002
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 12
Action: Electro-pneumatic

Notes: The organ is combined pipes and electronic, located in a pair of chambers in the balcony. The church has stunning acoustics.
The original organ, installed in 1893, was built by the Jackson Pipe Organ Company of Chester, IL with 1766 pipes at a cost of $3000. (Chippewa Herald-Telegram, July 27, 1893)
"The dedication of the great pipe organ at Notre Dame church last evening attracted a very large audience. It was a fashionable one as well, light colors prevailing. Viewed from the gallery the hats and bonnets of the ladies looked like a beautiful flower garden. The program was rather long, especially as the atmosphere was extremely sultry. The music was thoroughly enjoyed, however. Prof. Charles H. Galloway's playing was the central attraction. He is only 23 years old but master of the organ...The organ promises to be all that has been guaranteed -- rich in tone and of volume a vast quantity. Selections from Wagner, Bach, Wely, Thomas and Smart were given exquisite interpretation." (Chippewa Herald-Telegram, August 3, 1893).
The second organ, by Kilgen, (pictured below) was installed in 1953 for the church's centennial. The previous organ had served for 60 years and leather had deteriorated. It was decided it was worn out and was discarded. The Kilgen of some 63 stops (which must include all couplers) was installed in chambers that still exist for $22,000.

The current organ is a digital combination of pipes from the Kimball plus digital sounds.

Pipe ranks marked *

8' Diapason*
8' Hohl Flute*
8' Dulciana*
8' Flute Celeste II
4' Octave*
4' Spitzflöte
2' Fifteenth*
    Fourniture IV
8' Trumpet

16' Bourdon Doux
8' Geigen Diapason*
8' Bourdon*
8' Viole*
8' Viole Celeste*
4' Principal*
4' Flauto Traverso*
2' Flute a Bec
    Cornet II
    Plein Jeu IV
16' Basson
8' Trompette
8' Hautbois

32' Contre Violone
16' Diapason
16' Subbass
16' Bourdon Doux (Sw)
8' Octave*
8' Bass Flute
4' Choral Bass*
    Mixture IV
16' Posaune
8' Trompete

Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Swell to Great
Swell Unison Off
Pipes Off
Ancillary On
Main Off
Antiphonal On


8' Open Diapason 61
8' Hohl Flute 61
8' Dulciana 61
4' Octave 61
2.2/3' Twelfth 61
2' Fifteenth 61

16' Lieblich Gedeckt 73
8' Geigen Diapason 73
8' Bourdon 73 (chimneys)
8' Viole 73
8' Viole Celeste CC 73
4' Principal 73
4' Flauto Traverso 73
2.2/3' Mixture III 183
8' Trumpet 73
8' Oboe 73

16' Major Bass 32
16' Lieblich Gedeckt (sw)
8' Diapason 32
8' Bass Flute (sw)
4' Octave 12
8' Trumpet (sw)