Blessed Virgin Mary Parish on St Mary's Ridge

Rural Cashton, WI
Builder: Bernard Schaefer, ca 1910
Grandall & Engen, 2013
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 11 (13)
Action: Electro-pneumatic (slider)

Notes: In 2013 the organ was rebuilt by Grandall & Engen. It had not played for decades. Tubular pneumatic chests and action were replaced with Blackinton style slider windchests from Organ Supply. A new Syndyne relay system, new keyboards and stop action operate the new mechanism, with a new blower in a silencing box under the chests (eliminating a loud blower in the bell tower). There was enough room to add a 2' stop to each manual division. The pipes are in approximatley the original locations inside the case.
Article in The Diapason here.

8' Open Diapason 73
8' Melodia 73
8' Dulciana 73
4' Octave 73
2' Fifteenth 61 (new)
4' Great to Great
16' Swell to Great
8' Swell to Great (reversible)
4' Swell to Great
8' Pedal to Great Bass

SWELL ORGAN (expressive)
8' Violin Diapason 73
8' Salicional 73
8' Stopped Diapason 73
8' Aeoline 73
4' Flute d'Amour 73
2' Piccolo 61 (new, harmonic)
4' Swell to Swell

16' Subbass 30
8' Bass Flute 30 (open wood)
8' Great to Pedal (reversible)
8' Swell to Pedal (reversible)

16' and 4' couplers are per the original
Combination action with 64 levels of memory