First Lutheran Church

(Portative instrument)
126 North Jefferson Street
Ottumwa, IA 52501

(See several separate entries for other organs at this location.)
Builder: Hammer, Emil/Reuter Organ Co., 1970.
Manuals: 1
Ranks: 4
Pipes: 224
Compass: 56
Stops: 4
Action: Mechanical

Notes: Updated through online information from James R. Stettner.  Fully encased. Natural oak. Organ on casters. 2' Principal partially en facade at the back. Four drawknobs to the left of the keydesk. Reverse-color manual. Wind pressure slightly less than 1-1/2" with 8', 4', 2', 1-1/3'.

This was one of four instruments built during the association of Emil Hammer with Reuter Organ Co..

Organ Historical Society as of 2008.