Memorial Presbyterian Church

127 East Willow Street
Cherokee, IA 51012

Builder: Hillgreen, Lane & Co., Op. 351, 1913. Additions by Hillgreen, Lane & Co. (Op. 1028) in 1937. Further electrical upgrades by Roland Rutz in 2002.
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 17 (original 14 ranks)
Action: Electro-pneumatic (originally tubular-pneumatic)

Notes: Hillgreen, Lane & Co. (2nd) contract: July 1937 (as Op.1028). Price: $1,600.00. Rebuild the existing organ and furnish and install a new 2-manual console. Replace tubular-pneumatic action with electro-pneumatic. Furnish and install a new tremolo. Furnish and install a new electric rectifier. Clean, regulate, and tune the organ. Information from Hillgreen, Lane & Co. and Bynum Petty and Organ Historical Society as of 2018.