Trinity United Methodist Church (UMC)

601 Milwaukee Street
Charles City, IA 50616

Builder: Rieger Orgelbau, 1972.
Manuals: 3
Ranks: 38
Stops: 26
Action: Mechanical/slider chests

Notes: Information and photos from Susan Dailey of the church and Facebook. Organ Historical Society as of 2014.
Devastating tornadoes in 1968 destroyed at least two Charles City churches. The Methodists hired the late Ed Sövik from Northfield, MN to design their multipurpose building. The late Gerhard Krapf (University of Iowa) was consultant for the organ. The organ is the only thing in the room that is not movable. There is a small dining room at one side of the "centrum" which can be used for overflow seating as well as dining. When there is a large event the chairs in the sanctuary are removed and tables can be set up there as well. This church is referenced heavily in Sövik's 1973 book, "Architecture for Worship" (Augsburg publishing house). Stop knobs can be turned to engage a mechanical preset system. The custodian told me he loves the building because there is no carpet. Every time he comes in, the room has been rearranged, so he never knows what to expect! Personal recollections from David Engen, 2020.

8 Principal
4 Octav
2.2/3 & 1.3/5 Sesquialter II (double pull)
2 Superoctave
1.1/3 Mixture VI
8 Spitzflöte
8 Trompete

8 Salicional
4 Principal
2/3 Scharff IV
8 Rohrflöte
4 Koppelflöte
2 Blockflöte
1.1/3 Quintein
8 Krummhorn

8 Holzgedackt
4 Holzrohrflöte
2 Holzflöte
16 Regal

16 Principal
8 Octave
4 Choralbass
2.2/3 Hintersatz IV
16 Subbass
8 Gedackt
16 Fagott